Peak PKC0BU4 Review

Peak PKC0BU4 ReviewThe Peak PKC0BU4 back-up camera system allows you to have a 110 degree viewing angle and more than 10 feet of viewing range and allows you to see what is behind your vehicle without turning around. It allows you to see what you cannot see.

The Peak PKC0BU4 back-up camera kit comes with easy to install camera that mounts to the license plate, a transmitter that connects to your back-up lights, and a 4.3 inches color monitor that via its suction cup stand can mount to dashboard or windshield. Every time you put the car in reverse your system will activate. When not in reverse the screen and system will not be on to pose any distraction.

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The wireless connectivity allows mounting in any appropriate or desired location, making it perfect for blind spot detection.

Camera can be mounted in any position as the screen module allows rotating in 90 deg increments for a full revolution.

The screen is clear and bright with adjustments for brightness and contrast. Cockpit mounting location is important so the image does not wash out in direct sunlight. The backup path image is contained in the viewer software and can be turned on or off with a quick access button on the screen unit.

Controls on the screen unit are feature rich for an automotive camera kit and provide quick, intuitive access (I never had to go back to the owner’s manual).

There is occasional noise in the image from stray RF on the highway, but the transmission is never lost or the image distorted so a full view is not possible. Noise is expected with wireless devices – most of my security cameras get occasional noise and they are much higher quality.

The camera quality is great, provides a crisp image with good color separation and saturation.

I purchased the Peak 4.5″ backup camera from Amazon and I am quite pleased with the device. I installed the unit in a crew cab 2012 Dodge Laredo pickup with no problems. I used the center wire of a 7 wire trailer connector as the power source for the sending unit and put the sending unit behind the rear seat using double sided sticky foam tap to hold the unit in place on the inside wall of the cab.

The video cable is long enough for this truck, but would likely be too short for a crew cab with an 8ft. bed. The picture came on as soon as I turned on the screen and was as crisp and sharp as anyone could want. Furthermore, I could see a house across the street from me at a distance of at least 40 yards!

At this point in time, I am well pleased with this backup camera. Installation is a breeze!

Excellent product at a great price.

2013 Update for Peak PKC0BU4:

This is my 2nd Peak rear-view camera. The1st worked great for several years. The monitor was small but worked well. The 2nd I installed on my parents van. It is the 4.3 inch monitor, and the bigger size works even better. Also love the distance markers on monitor. These are the easiest systems to install on the market ( have installed other brands for friends). I am getting another Peak brand for my other vehicle.

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